Are you searching for more of the best video games that are available? Did you know that it is possible to make a substantial income from playing these games? This site can help you find them and show you how to make money playing them.


That's right! You can earn money from playing certain video game titles and how much you make depends on what you know and how much you play.

Paid for Playing Video Games at Home

more video gamesIt might sound like a dream come true right now, but in these pages I will show you how you can get paid for playing games at home. I'll also show you what you need to do in order to start the cash river flowing in your direction.

There are two realistic ways of turning a hobby into a working pursuit that remains as much fun and entertaining as ever:

  1. Join an online casino and play for real money (gamble)
  2. Sign up for a video game tester job and get paid to test new pre-release titles

Let's take an overview look at these two choices and see which you might prefer to undertake as a way to turn what many see as a time wasting hobby into a money-spinning career.

Risk or No Risk Income

The first option of playing casino games comes with a fair amount of risk because you can just as easily lose your money as win a big jackpot. Many people enjoy this kind of entertainment and set aside a fixed amount they are willing to risk so it doesn't impact on their day to day living expenses.

Gambling only becomes a problem when a person fails to limit themselves to an expendable sum of money (known as a bankroll) and dips into their living expense money when they start losing to try to win it back. This is the road to despair and one that nobody should ever find themselves on, but unfortunately it does happen.

The second option is risk-free because you are paid for the hours of game testing you do each day. As long as you do what you're being paid to do, you can actually earn a lot of money testing out new games before they hit the stores on general release.

You're unlikely to be able to get into this for free, however. Most reputable games testing brokers charge a monthly subscription fee for providing a constant stream of well paying testing jobs as they hit the market.

Subscribing for the Best Games Testing Jobs

You just have to look at it as joining a kind of membership site that puts its elite members in touch with the best paid jobs. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice a little monthly payment to get access to the big paying employers in the industry.

Put yourself in the shoes of a video game company. They pay their team of programmers very well for creating a new game, but then they need to identify bugs and game play glitches that are common in any new piece of software.

In general, programmers are not necessarily gamers and often not very good at seeing those bugs and errors. But real gamers like yourself are masters at finding irritating glitches in what you're playing and the companies want people like you to test their new titles and identify them so they can be fixed before the game is released to the public.

For that skill alone, video game companies are willing to pay very good hourly rates to gamers who can ensure they ultimately release a near perfect title that will potentially net the company millions. They post testing jobs in places where they will get serious players and that means subscription based broker sites.


They do this because serious players are willing to put up a monthly subscription fee to get the best paid jobs because they are confident they are good enough to find software errors. Other players who are not so confident are unlikely to pay to join a membership site and have to make do with low-paid jobs that the best players won't lower themselves to take on.

Come on, think about it.

You're a real good gamer and you are always finding bugs that irritate you. Now you know companies are willing to pay you very well for doing what you're already doing, I'm pretty sure you can see the merit in spending a small amount of money each month to get the cream of the crop in high paid testing contracts that can net you upwards of $25-$50 an hour!

Now I see you're interested. Welcome to my site and to my world!